Yagna has been a part of an individual or social ritual since the Vedic times. When the ritual fire – the divine Agni, the god of fire and the messenger of gods – were deployed in a Yagna, mantras were chanted. The hymns and songs sung and oblations offered into the fire were a form of hospitality for the Vedic gods.

The offerings were carried by Agni to the gods, the gods in return were expected to grant boons and benedictions, and thus the ritual served as a means of spiritual exchange between gods and human beings.

Yagna Mitaben Joshi

There are many kind of Yagnas can be performed according to Vedas.

1) Gayatri Yagna
– For prosperity and to gain spiritual and materialistic success

2) Mahalaxmi Yagna
– To Increases the flow of funds

3) Ganpati Yagna
– Removal of obstacles and success in work/ business

4) Shiva Yagna
– Good health, Frees from all ailments, Great Marriage Life
– Dispel all sort of fears, influence of evil planets, fear of ghosts, accidental death etc

5) Saraswati Yagna
– Education, consciousness, cosmic knowledge and creativity.

6) Hanuman Yagna
– To get rid of malefic effects of Shani