Lord of the Lords, Shiva is one of the three major deities of Hinduism. You can solve any kind of problem by worshiping Shiva.

Some Benefits :
– Blesses the person with good health
– Frees from all ailments
– Great Marriage Life
– Dispel all sort of fears, influence of evil planets, fear of ghosts, accidental death and disease etc

There are many ways to worship Lord Shiva.

1) Shiva Yag
– Yagna with Vedic Mantra

2) Shiv Mahimna Stotra
– 11 Repetition = 1 Rudri

3) Abhishekatmak Astadhyay Rudri (Consecration)
– Consecration on Shivlinga with chanting Rudri
Consecration by
Honey – To gain more love in relationship
Milk – To fulfill all wishes
Butter – To gain Wealth
Black Sesame – Frees from ailments and sins
Jaggery water – To make Mars favorable

4) Homatmak Astadhyay Rudri
– Havan by chanting Rudri