The Punsvan Sanskar (Baby Showers) Performed throughout the time of pregnancy, invoking blessings for Divine protection for his/her bright future. The sanskar is generally performed once the kid is within the style of a fetus – 3 months old within the mother’s womb. However, it is performed after 3 months of pregnancy too. This special ‘treatment’ performed with vocalizing of mantras throughout a yagya strengthens health, development of the gross (physical), refined (mental) and celestial body (conscious) body of the kid.

The experiments on the Punsvan sanskar (baby showers) have disclosed surprising results: the mothers, World Health Organization were liable to abortion or whose earlier problems were subjected to metabolic system’s deficiencies or to some genetic disorders since birth, have delivered healthy babies with this sanskar. It’s currently been accepted by the analysts that the charu or purodash (herbal preparation) processed beneath the vitally charged vapors of Havan affects the cellular and molecular (including genetic) systems.