Extremely powerful “Lalita Sahasranama” is a text from “Brahmanda Purana” (history of the universe). It is a sacred text to the worshipers of the Goddess Lalita Devi.

Benefits :

– It is highly effective if you are facing conceiving (pregnancy / Garbh Dharan / Santan Prapti) problem.
– Solve your marital problems
– Spiritual growth
– Protect you from premature/accidental death and many more.
– It is said that chanting “Lalita Sahasranama” keeping a glass of water (or in a vessel) in front and then pours it over the head, all sorts of troubles related to once planetary positions and from evil spirits will be warded off.

How to perform :

1) For conceiving problem :
– Female who is expecting pregnancy or male who wants to cure impotency have to keep a dish filled with pure butter (Makkhan) in right hand while I perform “Lalita Sahasranama”.
– After completion, female should eat that butter.

2) For others :
– Kumkum-Akshat (vermilion and rice) puja will be done on Shri-Yantra or Supari (Areca nut) while I will chant “Lalita Sahasranama”.
– After completion, you can cook that rice and serve to whole family. So, you each family member will get energy of “Lalita Sahasranama”.