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Sahiyar Group

Mitaben Joshi, founder of Sahiyar Group, started various religious activities like Anand no Garbo, Sundar Kand, Ram Charit Manas, Bhajan, and many more with group of 20 ladies in 2012.

All India Gayatri Pariwar

She has taken mantra diksha from Guru Shiram Sharma Acharya at early age of 16 and dedicated to give constant service for 20 years from then. She used to sing Bhajan, Anushthan and perform Yagna under leadership of Shiram Sharma Acharya.

Foundations and NGOs

As a speaker, she coordinately invited by various foundations to deliver speech every month. She used to organize various activity to help old age homes and NGOs. If you want to join the cause for same, kindly contact her.

The Person

Scriptures and holy books are like teachers who impart life-transforming teachings without caning or admonition.

– Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Mitaben Joshi is associated with Gayatri Parivar since 41 years and giving services to all who is in need. She is currently member of Sheyas Tekra Gayatri Parivar and founder of “Sahiyar Group”. She is regularly giving speech on Hindu Culture, 16 Sanskar(16 Rites ), Dharam-Adhyatma (What is a religion?) and Style of Living at various place.

The services includes Gayatri yagna(Yajna), Punsavan Sanskar(Quickening the fetus rite), Nam Karan(Naming the baby ritual), Babri(Baby’s first haircut), Vidhyarambh(Child’s commencement to knowledge), Yagnopavit(Child’s entrance into school), Shanti Path, Bhajan, Anand no Garbo, Shiv Mahimn, Rudri Path, Vishanu Sahastra Path, Sundar kand, Yamunastak, Lalitasahastra etc.

The website is going to be live soon where all the event details will be updated along with booking option. Meaningless to say, all the services she provides has core motive of serving people without any charges.

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